Experience minty fresh breath and excellent oral health like you’ve never had before. The Health Ranger is proud to present a revolutionary breath spray with a simple yet highly effective formula. Made with colloidal silver and menthol crystals sourced from the U.S., and peppermint oil sourced from India, the Health Ranger Select Silver Breath Spray (mint flavor) will give you cool, crisp breath and a clean mouth, anytime and anywhere.


Health Ranger Select

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Support a healthy oral cavity, including gums and teeth**


mint leaves

The key ingredient in this breakthrough breath spray is colloidal silver. This health promoting liquid is created by suspending pure elemental silver in distilled water. Through this process, you get a liquid silver with a wide spectrum of health benefits that have been revered for hundreds of years. We've made it the main ingredient in our formula because colloidal silver can:

Support a healthy immune system**

With colloidal silver in a breath spray, you not only get a fresh mouth, but also the upper hand on germs that find their way into your mouth and gums.


Support fresh breath**



If you've been looking to upgrade your oral health routine, then our breath spray is a prime addition to your regimen.

Menthol crystals are extracted from mint leaves to produce crystals with the concentrated properties of mint — including its signature scent. This blend of peppermint oil and menthol crystals gives our breath spray a wonderfully rejuvenating aroma.

Made by steam-distilling the fresh aerial parts of its namesake plant, peppermint oil is a common addition to many homemade mouthwashes and toothpastes for good reason. It does a great job at supporting oral health and its cool heat and aroma helps awaken the senses.**

The fact is that the majority of mouth hygiene products you see lining supermarket shelves are created with questionable ingredients. Grab a box or bottle, check the label, and you'll undoubtedly find at least one of these BAD ingredients listed there:

Saccharin and sucralose -- These two artificial sweeteners have profound negative effects on healthy brain function.

Alcohol -- Commonly found in mouthwashes, alcohol can actually make your breath even worse by drying out your mouth's mucous membranes and reducing saliva production.

Why risk these negative health consequences for fresher breath when you can use Health Ranger Select Silver Breath Spray which freshens breath and supports overall oral health?

Benzalkonium chloride -- This mouthwash biocide has been shown to irritate the skin and mucous membranes of the mouth.


Cetylpyridinium chloride -- In addition to potentially staining your teeth, cetylpyridinium chloride is loaded with alcohol.

Methylparaben -- This preservative can negatively affect hormone health.

Chlorhexidine -- Though a potent antiseptic agent, chlorhexidine can negatively affect heart health.

Sodium fluoride -- This well known toxin has been shown to negatively affect bone health and brain function.

Hexetidine -- Also known as Oraldene, hexetidine can negatively affect proper brain function.

Propylene glycol -- Found in antifreeze, e-cigarettes, and fast food, this ingredient can break down the proper function of the central nervous system.

Sodium benzoate -- This lab-made preservative can deprive mitochondria of oxygen.

Methyl salicylate -- Another powerful antiseptic, accidental ingestion of this ingredient can be poisonous to the human body.

Artificial colors -- FD&C Blue No. 1 and FD&C Green No. 3 are two examples of artificial colors that can create negative implications for brain health.

mint leaves


mint leaves

More than just being made with the finest natural ingredients, Health Ranger Select Silver Breath Spray's formula is China-free and contains absolutely no GMOs, synthetic preservatives, or additives. Similar to all products in the Health Ranger Store, our breath spray has been rigorously tested and lab-verified for quality.

We make it simple so you can achieve fresh breath in a minty and refreshing formula that will invigorate your senses.

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